Course Description

Millions of People are Struggling to Sleep Better.

They are looking for help. You can be the one to help them.

In this course you will learn

  • how sleep works
  • how sleep effects health
  • what the common sleep disorders are
  • how these disorders affect sleep and health

The course reflects the latest research and years of experience with clients. But it is presented in a simple and concise manner so it is easy to understand.

If you want to help your friends, family or clients Sleep Better, this course is for you.

You will be able to

  • answer questions about sleep
  • add value to your clients
  • incorporate programs about sleep into wellness programs

This is the first course in a series for those who wish to become Sleep Health Educators or Shiftwork or Insomnia Specialists.

Enroll today and SAVE $100 while we are in the pre-launch stage. Regular price will be $297.

Sleep Expert, Author, Professional Speaker

Carolyn Schur

Click to edit course descriptionI’m Carolyn Schur, Sleep Expert, Author and Speaker.I work with shiftwork workplaces to promote health and well being and reduce absenteeism, injuries and health costs. I've worked with organizations across Canada and the US for more than 20 years. I also help those who have insomnia. I've written 4 books about sleep, shiftwork and fatigue in the workplace and am often called upon by the media for expert comment.

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